An Afternoon to Remember: First Responder’s Night at the Baseball Game


We are delighted to share the incredible success of our recent First Responder’s Night at the baseball game! The evening was a grand slam, bringing together our community to honor and celebrate the brave men and women who serve as our first responders. The event saw fantastic attendance, with a great turnout from both club members and local law enforcement officers.

The event provided an excellent opportunity for the community to engage with local law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel. Attendees were able to learn more about the vital work these heroes do every day and express their gratitude directly.

The event was made even more special by the strong presence of Manatee Hundred Club members. Your dedication to our mission and your enthusiasm for supporting our local heroes truly shone through at this event. Whether you were helping to organize, volunteering at the event, or simply showing up in support, your contributions made a significant difference.

First Responder’s Night is just one of the many ways the Manatee Hundred Club honors and supports our local heroes. Stay tuned for more events and initiatives as we continue to celebrate and assist those who dedicate their lives to keeping us safe.


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